Hello. My name is Gary Barton. I am a licensed hydrogeologist with 30-years’ experience in water resources. I am married with two children and have lived in Lakewood for 20 years. I am seeking the office of Water Commissioner – Position , at the Lakewood Water District (LWD).

I am running for office to ensure that LWD’s drinking water supply continues to be safe, clean and affordable for the benefit of our citizens and businesses.

I would appreciate your vote on NOVEMBER 5, 2019.

ANNOUNCEMENT from the Campaign to Elect Gary Barton:  On Friday May 17th, Randy Black the General Manager of the Lakewood Water District contacted Gary and informed him that one of the senior Water Commissioners was resigning and offered to appoint Gary as his replacement to serve out the two-remaining years of the term. Gary graciously accepted the appointment and will run for Water Commissioner in 2021 as an incumbent. On Monday May 20th Gary withdrew from running for Lakewood Water Commissioner.

Gary is very excited to be your next Water Commissioner and will work hard for the citizens of Lakewood.  He will be sworn into office on Friday June 14 at 4pm at the Lakewood  Water District office  located at 11900 Gravelly Lake Dr.  SW, Lakewood, WA 98499. We hope to see you there.

Thank you for all the generous support you have given Gary during his campaign for political office.


 Susan Hartle, Campaign manager for Elect Gary Barton